DuChâteau® hardwood flooring are divided into two different grades - to create on the old, aged floor as seen in our Aged Character woods or modern floors as in our Select Grade forests.
Aged Character. Our older quality wood is distinguished by the ease, laxity and naturalness of the formation of wood grains, as well as many cracks that resemble the old world floor.
Select Grade. This wood species, unlike the previous one, is classified on these smooth, modern surfaces. Such a class of hardwood flooring doesn’t a purpose to create as little difference between the boards, it ensures us with greater homogeneity of the wood grain.

What distinguishes DuChâteau® flooring from others is a natural variety of wood. Exactly this difference lies in the gradients of colors that occur naturally in our wood. Depending on the product, we have the opportunity to produce a floor with a minimal degree of variation in the finish- this caused that the floor’s coloring is more uniform and universal. We also have the option to produce a floor that has a huge variety of finishes. This means that the color gradually changes from light to dark gradients along the planks.

Why Engineered?

Do you know that before the oak tree can be balanced and processed to produce a solid wood floor among other things must grow hundreds of years? Let's add that other fast-growing trees, such spruce, pine, fir, birch or poplar need only decades. We shouldn’t rely on these slow growth species because in today's trends there is no future for growing trees. We believe in the elimination of traditional waste that arises from the production of solid wood floors and at the same time we find the right way to still show their beauty. We often use a mixture of woods to create more advanced, the engineered floor.

The artificial (multi-ply) floor consists of at least two types of wooden products that we combine with together. The top layer (we can see this when installed) can be a highly desired species of wood, for instance oak. The bottom layer of the substrate, (what you can’t see) build fast growing trees. The production of such floors allows us to choose trees to create floors of higher quality with the same robust and luxurious feeling of solid wood flooring within the thickness of that top layer. That kind of floors, after suitably good installation, are virtually indistinguishable. However, they differ in greater stability and a greater environmental protection.


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