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Floors is a big investment, and it’s important that your investment is protected in order to maintain its timeless look. Many homeowners make the mistake of using wet-mops and water to clean wood floors which can cause swelling and discoloration. If you do not have the right hardwood floor cleaner on hand, it can be tempting to just grab an oil-based liquid soap or citrus based floor cleaner thinking it will get the job done. Unfortunately these products ARE NOT meant for hardwood floors and may cost you quite a bit in repairing the patchy spots they can create.

Another common mistake when cleaning hardwood floors is using 2 in 1 cleaners that may contain acrylics and urethane polish. Unfortunately, this can strip your floors of their finish and do more harm than good! To avoid damaging your floors, trust us to give you the best hardwood floor cleaner to keep your floors in tip top shape.

For stubborn, stuck on dirt it may be tempting to reach for the steel wool, but this can cause serious damage and scratches to your wood floors. Instead, reach out to Top Quality. We have a huge range of products that can lift anything from your hardwood floors without risking damage.

By working with Top Quality, you can rest assured that you will have real experts helping you choose the best product to care for your hardwood flooring. Top Quality floor care products have been carefully selected by our team to ensure that we can provide the best floor care products for Chicago residents.

How to clean


Hardwood floors are a sought after feature for most homeowners due to the timelessness and high-quality appearance. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are taught how to optimally clean their hardwood floors. Top Quality has put together some helpful tips and instructions for cleaning floors to ensure your flooring is maintained to the highest standard.

Proper care starts with daily and weekly cleaning regimes that can protect your floors from scratches, stains, swelling and discoloration. Using a microfiber sweeper pad on a daily basis prevents a build up of dirt, dust and granules which can cause minute scratches on your floors. Over time these scratches can cause your flooring to lose its gleam and create a patchy appearance. Microfiber sweeper pads are recommended over brooms because brooms often just push the dirt around, whereas the microfiber will trap the dirt and pull it off your floors all together.

For weekly cleaning, you may want to vacuum or mop. Before you pull out your vacuum, make sure that if it has a bar in the front, called a beater bar, that it does not hit the floor. If it does try to remove the beater bar if you can as this can damage your floor. Water and wood are not a good mix! Instead of using a wet mop, use the best cleaner specifically for your floor from Top Quality. Then use a dry mop or microfiber sweeping pad to spread the product and pick up any excess resin.


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