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Platinum – Bona PLATINUM uses the combination of ceramic and aluminum oxide materials to make this abrasive the perfect solution to aluminum oxide and difficult floors. Bona PLATINUM Abrasives last 3 – 5 times longer and is available in 36 and 50 grits for rough cuts only.

Green – Bona GREEN Ceramic Abrasives cut 30% faster and last up to 50% longer compared to the competition.  The cut of the ceramic stones gives it a more aggressive bite and allows the stones to fracture as they heat up and not dull out like the competition.

Blue – Bona BLUE is designed to give you aggressive performance without sacrificing smoothness, at a tremendous value.

Norton- Norton Abrasives of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of abrasives for commercial applications, household, and automotive refinishing usage, Bona (The Bona Abrasives line provides the most aggressive and longest lasting abrasive in the industry, without sacrificing smoothness to achieve the best surface for staining or finishing. The anti-static properties, which repel dust from the disc surface and prevent build-up, increase belt life and keep machines cleaner and working optimally.







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