Which hardwood floor is best?


Hardwood flooring – the possibilities are endless

Are you having trouble picking the best hardwood floor for your new or renovated house? While it is a difficult task that might lead to long-term unpleasant consequences if neglected, we are here to help you with it! First of all, you should know that there are different types of flooring. The main three that are widely available on the market are laminate, solid and engineered wood flooring. Each of them has their pros and cons and can serve as the perfect solution for different people.

Let's take laminate flooring – it is a synthetic creation, a fibreboard coated in plastic layers that visually resemble real wood. It is a great budget option that is easy to clean and provides the greatest resistance to waterlogging. However, when damaged, it cannot be brought back to the original state by sanding. It has to be replaced from time to time and therefore does not add value to the property.

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Other two options that are considered (fairly) more prestigious. Solid wood is made 100% of what it says on the tin, e.g. oak hardwood is made fully of oak. This means that it can be sanded numerous times and, when preserved correctly, will always be able to look like new. In contrast, engineered wood – meaning: consisting of multiple sections of timber – is divided into the desired 'wear layer' underneath which is the 'undercore'. The wear layer is usually about 6mm, which is similar to solid wood's tongue and groove depth.

However, it usually comes in longer and wider boards with a much wider variety of finishes to choose from. Also, it is more resistant to warping and moving, often for a smaller price. Keep in mind that if you're still not sure what type of flooring to use, you can give us a call and we'll help you find the best solution. We are still to receive a complaint on any of our brands: L.W. Mountain, Appalachian, Duchateau and Mirage Chicago floorings!

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