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We distribute a broad variety of Appalachian products. You can enjoy an amazing selection of Appalachian flooring and fantastic Appalachian wholesale distributor prices. All this exclusively at Top Quality Hardwood Flooring.

As the number one flooring contractor in Chicago, Top Quality Hardwood Flooring is proud to carry Appalachian Hardwood​ Floors​. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials available​ therefore we have partnered with the best hardwood suppliers to continue our legacy of excellence. The Appalachian line of flooring includes a huge variety of wood species and finishes, so we can be sure to bring you exactly the style you’re looking for.

Top Quality - Appalachian Flooring Distributor in Chicago

Top Quality Hardwood - Chicago hardwood store, wholesale and retail is a premiere distributor of Appalachian Flooring in Chicago. We distribute broad variety of Appalachian products including all the types of Appalachian floors in Chicago. You can enjoy an amazing selection of Appalachian flooring and great direct Appalachian distributor prices in Chicago.


Appalachian Hardwood – The Most-Trusted Name in Hardwood Flooring

Appalachian is a premium producer of Canadian-made prefinished hardwood flooring​. In addition to natural, prefinished wood flooring, Appalachian also offers engineered hardwood flooring. All Appalachian hardwood comes in a comprehensive assortment of domestic species, colors, and grades, so you’ll be sure to find the piece that suits you. Appalachian also stands behind each and every one of their products. That’s why all Appalachian floors are backed by a 35-year warranty​ throughout Canada and the United States

Why Choose Appalachian Hardwood?

Hardwood is a timeless style of flooring, dating back to just about as long as people have built homes. Over the centuries, hardwood flooring has been renowned for its elegance and warm ambience​. Now, this timeless style is available to you through the premium selection of Appalachian and the expertise of Top Quality Flooring.

In recent years, hardwood has become increasingly popular for its ecological impact, as well as its beauty​. Since Appalachian hardwood is all-natural, it is an eco-friendly option. It also reduces the action of allergens in your home, minimizing dust mites and other irritants which can disrupt your home. You may also be surprised to learn that Appalachian wood floor is extremely affordable​. Even though its quality is incredible and its appearance is high-end, Appalachian hardwood​ costs just about the same as most other types of flooring. For Appalachian flooring in Chicago, Top Quality Flooring is your exclusive supplier​. Contact us today to learn more!


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