The Mirage line of hardwood flooring contains just about every style and finish you could possibly want. Combine their quality materials with our excellent service and you get the perfect floors for your home, no matter what style you’re going for.


Top Quality is one the biggest distributors of Mirage Products. We are proud to provide our customers high quality materials from one of the best manufacturers – Mirage. At Top Quality we offer wide a range of Mirage’ materials in many colors and options and at affordable prices!


Mirage – The Best Manufacturers on the Market

Mirage with 32 awards for excellence​, a true testament to their quality. Furthermore, Mirage stands by their product, backing all their hardwood with a 35 year warranty​, showcasing their commitment to high standards.

Why Choose Mirage?

Mirage prices match the price tags of many other products on the market. Add value to your home, upgrade its appearance, and make an investment which will last many great years to come. Mirage hardwood is the way to go.

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