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Laminate Flooring Chicago We carry thousands of square feet worth of durable laminates in all types of colors, widths, and thickness. You will find products that will fit perfectly in your home or your business. Everything is made in USA and that’s why the product is always delivered to us in perfect quality and condition.…
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ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING CHICAGO A quick diagram showcasing the process and result of engineered floors Plain Sawn also known as Flat Sawn - This type is the most common and least expensive. The result includes a cathedral like pattern on the face of the board. Quarter Sawn - This one is slightly more expensive than…
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Prefinished Hardwood Floor Chicago - Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Store Chicago Prefinished hardwood floor collections available at our flooring store Somerset’s Color Collection Somerset’s Color Collection Strip is solid 3/4″ thick flooring crafted from Appalachian oak, which is renowned for its incomparable beauty. Solid prefinished flooring should last the lifetime of your home. It can…
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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Chicago - Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Store Chicago

Top quality hardwood flooring company has a majority of all kinds of unfinished wood floors.

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