Benefits of engineered floors

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Engineered hardwood is both classy and resistant

I know many people that dream about hardwood flooring in their house, because it looks classy and beautiful. I totally second that, but I think they should reconsider installing  engineered hardwood flooring. It looks pretty much the same as solid hardwood,but has different properties. I think it is a really interesting option for flooirng in your home, so let’s take a closer look at it. Like I mentioned, engineered hardwood flooring looks the same like solid.

But, differently to solid hardwood which consists of one piece of wood, engineered is more complex product. It has several layers, the core layers make the product more stable than regular hardwood, and the outer surface gives it the look of natural hardwood. Thanks to that, it is  less likely to expand, contract or shift when exposed to moisture, humidity and temperature shifts, than solid hardwood. Its properties make it possible to install engineered hardwood over concrete or radiant heating systems. It won’t warp or swell, like traditional hardwood flooring does.

Install engineered flooring in your home

What is more, it’s much easier to install, as solid hardwood planks have to rest some time before installation, so that they get used to conditions in the house. It’s not the case with engineered hardwood flooring. If you’re feeling brave and have a little experience, you may even try to install it yourself! I would advise to hire a professional though. Moving on, it is avaiable in large range of wood species, which makes it very easy to find somehting perfect for your home. It also comes in wide range o widths, ranging from slim to wide planks, and is available in more thicknesses than solid wood. It is especially useful, if you need thin wood for some of your projects. It could also be refinished. I highly recommend engineered hardwood flooring for your interiors.

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