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Everything You Need to Know About Installation Supplies

There are a ton of things required for a successful hardwood floor installation. Most professionals have up to 50 tools on hand or even more, depending on their specialization and how long they’ve been in business. While the amount of hardwood floor supplies can be daunting, some supplies are more essential than others. For instance, safety needs to be a priority during any hardwood floor installation, so safety goggles are an absolute necessity. Any OSHA certified contractor will use safety goggles in addition to dust masks and vapor respirators to make sure they protect their health.

Installing Floor – The Essential Equipment List

During hardwood floor installation, contractors are going to have to do a lot of sawing, typically with a table saw. This means they’ll also need a feather board to push the stock past the cutting edge. This protects their hands while also providing a smoother, more even cut. In order to protect the installation, you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to install flooring which is going to last for years. That’s where things like a wood moisture meter come into play. These meters will ensure that wood’s moisture content is at appropriate levels. If it isn’t, flooring might crack, cup, or buckle over time.
You’ll also need a concrete RH testing system. This system will check moisture levels in concrete slabs. If concrete has excess moisture, the wood could warp or its adhesive could fail. While other means of checking moisture exist, RH is typically the most reliable and in-depth measure of concrete moisture. Some final basic supplies include contractor standards like tape measures, levels, and carpenters squares. Whether you’re handling your installation yourself or hiring professionals, you always want to make sure these supplies and tools are on-hand to ensure the highest quality flooring and the best use of your money.

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